Food & Drink, Restaurants

Food & Drink, Restaurants

There are many places to throw a party – be it a ship, park or at home. But, it is not an easy job to select a restaurant or bar just for throwing a party anytime. Each and every restaurant will not be suitable as your party venue. Following some useful tips for throwing a party at a restaurant or bar given is always a good option.

Chalk out a plan beforehand – It is really very important to make a plan beforehand. You have to think a lot before throwing a lavish party in a restaurant. At first, just think clearly that what type of party you want to have. How you have envisioned throwing the party. Some people arrange for a sit-down dinner especially on Saturday nights, some throw an office party after work is done and along with that dinner, light entertainment is arranged and so on. Buffet system of serving food is seen in many parties. Think that what dishes would be preferred by the invitees. Fix a date that is suitable for everyone and choose an appropriate theme for the party. If you have any queries, then ask questions to the restaurant’s owner or the owner of private function venues Melbourne to solve your confusion.

Search well – Don’t think that the nearby restaurant or bar to your home is going to give the best possible service to you and to all your invitees. This thing is not going to happen. Search online about such restaurants, bars and party venues where you can possibly throw the party without any kind of headache. Make a list of all such places and then decide which place is going to be the best place to host the party. You can take your friend’s help in this case.

Friendship works – If you want to host a superb party in a restaurant or bar, then try to make some contact with waiters, staff workers and bartenders. This thing won’t happen in one day. So, you have to visit the particular bar twice or thrice, then after making some friendly bond, you can cleverly ask the bartender if you can host a party here or not. Then, they may refer you to the bar’s owner or manager. Then, ask the owner if they will permit you to throw a party in their bar or not. They may say yes if you try hard to persuade them.

Know the rules of the place – Discuss with the restaurant’s owner that what things or activities are not allowed in their restaurant. Ask that what price they would charge for hosting the party.

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Have your wedding anniversary coming up? You must be definitely thinking of surprising your husband/wife with something very special. It may be a dinner date or a beautiful phone. But, these are the most common gift ideas which couples think of. Think of something different and very special so that your husband/wife is actually pleasantly surprised.

There are certain things which you may do for making your special day even more special.

• Plan an adventurous trip- going to a dinner or a party is what most of the couples doing. Do something different and plan an adventurous trip. Even if your husband/wife is scared of adventures to plan a trip. This will be the right time to take out the fear from their mind. Visit an electric bike shop and pick up 2 vehicles for a ride.

• Cook for her- for most of the women, the best gift that a husband can give is to give her a full day holiday from the kitchen. Cook breakfast for her and give it to her in bed. Then cook lunch for her and again give to in the bed. Do not let her get out of the bed. Do the same for dinner too. Your wife would love you for this. A relaxing day is what everyone wishes for.

• Turn your house into a luxury hotel or a palace- just for that day; try to turn your house into a castle or a luxurious hotel. Hire people for doing the jobs like serving, cooking food and giving a tasty drink, for getting you and your partner dressed, etc. The feeling of being a one day king or queen would be wonderful. You may also hire a super luxurious car.

• Go for a ride early morning. Even if you do not want to go to an electric bike shop, you may order it online. Hide it from your partner till that day. That day when he/she gets up, just take him or her in the vehicle and go for an early morning ride. Nothing can be more delightful than this.

A wedding anniversary is a very special day and thus you should make all the efforts for making it one. Think of something extraordinary and out of the box to surprise him/her in a good pub food. Make it worthwhile and memorable so that he/she remembers it for the whole year. You can save some money 2 3 months in advance so that you do not have to restrict yourself because of money. Make him/ her feel still how special he/she is for you. Make him/her realize that you actually planned it well in advance and that you have been working for it since past few days/weeks/ months.

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