Tricks And Tips To Offer The Best Catering Experience To Your Client

Indeed, there are rules to follow in serving business luncheons and large weddings. The food industry can be overwhelming and intimidating especially for beginners. However, the benefits, in the end, are rewarding. In this type of business, you can meet lively and interactive co-workers. Moreover, you can have a chance to experience elite social events and meet new people. Apart from this, you can earn money and gain experience while learning. The catering business is flexible however it is physically demanding. To offer the best catering experience to your clients, here are some of the tricks and tips that you can try: 

Food Safety

Understand the basics of food handling and food safety. Everyone in the team, from the managers, chefs, and servers must master it. If you are in charge of preparing the food, you can buy all the ingredients from trusted suppliers with high-quality products. For example, purchase wholesale bakery products from bakeries that employ quality food handling. Furthermore, as you store the food items, keep in mind to avoid the danger zone which is 4 to 60 degree Celsius. With this, no one will be at risk of food borne illness. Store the foods properly. For the wholesale cakes, you can keep it cool at a temperature of 5 degree Celsius.

Prepare in Advance

No matter what your role is in the catering business, make sure that you prepare in advance. As chefs, go through all the methods in getting the food ready at the table. As managers, decide on the steps to be taken to make the event successful. As servers, decide on assignments to make the service easy and smooth flowing. Ensure that the chairs, tables, cloths, cutleries, etc. are prepared ahead. With this, you will prevent any problems during the event.

Skip The Buffet

The new trend in catering is family-style serving. As such, you can skip the traditional buffet, unless it is specifically requested by your client. With the family-style serving, clients can skip the long lines. For the chefs, it is difficult to regulate the temperature of the food during buffets. And if the temperature is unregulated, it can possibly lead to illness. Meanwhile, for the servers, they can have fewer accidents. Also, you can attend to the needs of the clients easily with the family-style serving. Cocktail parties with open seats can be problematic for both the guests and the servers. Each one will be carrying their drinks and plates as they move to the venue. Indeed, there is less stress in the family-style serving than monitoring the buffets.